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God’s Gift is the intense posterity of OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple (GDP). This suitably named, exceptionally indica-predominant cross breed strain is the blend of two of the most famous help with discomfort strains in the world. Some state God’s Gift is considered to have heredity that makes it generally 90% indica and just 10% sativa, yet this is effectively easily proven wrong. buy gods-gift online

The OG side includes an extremely impactful, profound, and fuel-loaded fragrance. The mix is practically unbelievable, and the aroma floats in your noses for some time.

The nugs themselves are outwardly purple, yet not fragrantly purple; they rather simply go up against a darker tone that regularly uncovers purple tints after tearing open these wonders. The indica ancestry makes its ordinary thick structure.

God’s Gift reliably performs well with at any rate 18% to 22% THC content when lab tried; most best rack bud is in the 16% to 18% territory.  This is the reason I would suggest God’s Gift for evening time use, except if you have a very (and I mean) high resistance.

The unique difference between God’s Gift and Granddaddy Purple is that despite the fact that while giving a quieting, nearly daze like state from the indica, it isn’t remarkable to feel outrageous rapture and satisfaction and end up subject to attacks of giggleing and chuckling from the OG Kush side.


Plants for the most part reach around 4 feet, take 8 to 9 weeks to complete, and are squat. They’re most appropriate for indoor develops, however open air isn’t not feasible.